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Cambodia Farm in the Media

My sister, Kounila, is a blogger and was a journalist. She helped me a lot with the media. When I told her that I want to launch the first and biggest rabbit farm, she believed in me and my husband that we could make it if we keep working hard toward our goal. After the story about our rabbit farm was published on the Phnom Penh Post (English) and the video about us published on the Phnom Penh Post (Khmer), we got some more attention. We were contacted by HangMeas TV which did a nice reporting video about us, and we luckily caught it on the TV on time amidst our busy schedule to feed hungry wabbits every day.

Malen copy
“Popular” Magazine interviewed Malen Keo.First, my sister got me connected with some reporters from the Phnom Penh Post. It was the Phnom Penh Post who interviewed me and wrote a nice article about rabbit businesses. There was a video that came along as well.

We're on Hang Meas TV!
We’re on Hang Meas TV!

Shortly after that, Apsara Television did an interview me with and aired it in September 2013. We will try to get the video uploaded to our youtube channel as well. Don’t forget to like our FB page if you haven’t.

Apsara Crew interviews Sovannarith (Co-owner)
Apsara Crew interviews Sovannarith (Co-owner)Amazingly enough, a reporter from CTN (Cambodia Television Network) called and said that he wanted to capture a short video of our farm, and after that, our farm was seen on CTN, MyTV as well as CNC.

Sadly, I didn’t get to see the video on time, but the CTN reporter will bring a group of small Cambodian students to my farm for a Children’s Show to be broadcast on CTN. So I am so looking forward to that as well. As I was told, they will come in early October, 2013. Stay tuned for more!

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