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Greetings from Cambo Farm

Welcome to Cambodia Farm.

Wanna know what a Cambodian farm looks like? You’ve come to the right blog. Almost 80{a1358d2fa9bdae99bc69e99a07ce6210334fff691c4a4fcce5d479e5e7f14305} of the whole population are farmers, and you know what I’m going to say. The rest of the population of about 20{a1358d2fa9bdae99bc69e99a07ce6210334fff691c4a4fcce5d479e5e7f14305} like eating more than growing.

We are a family of 9 people. Our parents have always been farmers, and they certainly have green thumbs. It’s obvious that we have inherited their love for plants, vegetables as well as animals.

We used to grow a lot of green leaved vegetables in
our garden. Sometime in 2011, we grew a big field of Khmer corn. Since 2010, our business has been switched to raising animals. Keep coming back to this blog to see pictures of a Cambodian farm.

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