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Our Flowers at Cambo Farm

my late grandmom’s stupa was just built in early 2012
Roses and Champa from our little garden
Usually you find it hard to miss flowers at Cambodian farmers’ houses. Cambodian farmers generally grow 10 o’clock flowers — I don’t know if you’ve seen these kind of flowers before. They’re ivy-like, and are smell-less.

The flowers can be pink, red, white or sometimes yellow. We used to have so many 10 o’clock flowers (ផ្កាម៉ោងដប់) at home, but not anymore. They can spread fast, but are very easy to get rid of when you want.
So those flowers posted above can be found at my home and some other Cambodians’ homes as well. If you want, come and visit us at the Keo’s farm house. You are welcome any time.

Recently, we had a stupa for our late grandmother erected southward. Cambodians believe that stupas are occupied by spirits we want to honor. Our mother wants to forever remember the good that our grandmother had done for her and her other siblings.
I dare say nearly 100% of Cambodian farmers are still in deep belief of animism, karma, superstition and all that that which the Westerners would shrug off.

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